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We are professionally qualified and highly experienced botanists with a very detailed and extensive knowledge and understanding of British vegetation.  We have been studying vegetation and flora professionally since 1983 and are particularly experienced with the northern and western parts of Britain.  We provide a range of services including surveys, monitoring projects, teaching and advisory work.  The high quality of our work is recognised by many people and organisations including the statutory conservation agencies, the Forestry Commission, conservation-related non-government organisations, and ecological consultancies.

Alison Averis BSc PhD has worked mainly on upland and montane vegetation since the 1980s when she was a member of the Nature Conservancy Council Upland Vegetation Survey team.  Her PhD was a study of the ecology of a community of oceanic liverworts in upland heaths in western Britain.  She has also studied vegetation in Ireland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

Alison also studies horse behaviour and edits the journal of the Equine Behaviour Forum.


Ben Averis BA MPhil worked for some years on woodland vegetation and bryophyte (moss & liverwort) surveys, but since 1990 has worked in a very wide range of upland and lowland habitats in Britain.  His MPhil was a study of bryophyte flora and ecology in over 400 woods in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  He has also studied vegetation in Ireland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, France and Japan.

Ben is also an artist.





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