Advisory Work

We provide information and advice on botanical matters such as:

>> The design of botanical survey and monitoring methods (for example Ben was commissioned by East Lothian Council to advise on the selection of species to monitor, and appropriate monitoring methods, at five of their sites)
The identification of important sites, habitats and species (for example Ben put together the bryophyte and terrestrial habitat lists for the Scottish Executive’s ‘Scottish Biodiversity List’, and is a co-author of 'Bryological assessment for hydroelectric schemes in the west Highlands' published by Scottish Natural Heritage in 2011)
Assessments of UK-wide habitat extent and condition (which we have done for several terrestrial habitats in the UK as part of the Red List of European Habitats project)
The effects of land management on vegetation (these are assessed and discussed in most of our botanical survey reports)


We have also provided information and assessments for public inquiries and for magazine articles.


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